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Meet the BHP Family


Farrah Yaspe, BS

Clinical Professsional Counseling Trainee

Accepting Clients 01/23

Offering Therapeutic Services in Spanish and English

Welcome from Farrah Yaspe, BS


Ms. Yaspe received her B.S. in Psychology from Universidad Latina de Costa Rica in 2007. She is currently a student at the University of Baltimore, working towards her Master’s Degree in Applied Psychology for Counseling.

Ms. Yaspe believes that mental health is better approached from a holistic perspective and aims to incorporate mindfulness components into her work. She believes that life challenges are best met when we learn tools to process emotions, gain self-understanding, and discover limiting beliefs that ultimately stand in the way of unlocking innate and often unexplored potential.

In her spare time, Ms. Yaspe enjoys hiking, traveling, attending live music events, and spending time with loved ones. She also began her yoga practice in 2007 and is actively still teaching today. She plans to incorporate her yoga training into her
clinical practice.

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