Meet the BHP Family


Joshua Halbedel, BS

Counseling Trainee

Accepting New Clients 01/22

Welcome from Josh Halbedel, BS


Josh received a bachelor’s degree in Real Estate and Economic Development from the University of Baltimore. He has had a lifelong interest in psychology, philosophy, and spirituality which has varied in intensity through the years, reaching an undeniable crescendo with arrival of the COVID-19 pandemic. The decision to redirect his career to mental health occurred just before COVID arrived in the US. The ensuing shutdown removed all doubt and intensified his urgency, as life led him back to the University of Baltimore where he is currently pursuing a master’s degree in Applied Psychology with a concentration in counseling.


Josh has had a depth of experience in a number of different service roles to include an active duty tour with the US Army, restaurant management, a range of roles in the real estate industry, as well as extensive volunteer work with local and international nonprofits. From those experiences Josh learned how important it is to attend to his own psychological wounds and trauma while creating opportunities for healing and growth to occur. He believes that the effective and appropriate use of various therapeutic approaches are powerful tools in the journey of life.  He also recognizes that therapy is important work which can be challenging and painful at times. He strongly believes that therapy is a potent means with which to support his clients in healing and moving through their suffering towards advancing their own personal development.


In addition to being a counseling trainee, Josh is a father, son, husband, uncle, brother, friend, listener, problem solver, artist, perpetual student of life, human, and more. He likes to recharge by finding, noticing, creating, exploring, and experiencing beautiful moments, spending time with close friends and family, as well as spending time in solitude, all preferably in or close to nature.