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Meet the BHP Family


Dr. Christy Chang, LGPC

Licensed Graduate

Professional  Counselor 

Welcome from Dr. Christy Chang, MS, LGPC (she/her/hers)

Christy holds an M.S. in clinical professional counseling from Loyola University Maryland and is currently a licensed graduate professional counselor (LGPC).

Christy has experience working with clients ages 18-65 from all ethnic backgrounds and from the LGBTQ+ and poly communities. She is committed to providing culturally sensitive therapy using evidenced -based modalities and she uses person-centered CBT with most of her clients.


Her clinical interests include anxiety, depression, trauma, grief, and other types of transitions (job change, aging, immigration, etc.). Due to her previous experiences, Christy is sensitive to the challenges associated with higher education and working in the biomedical field.

Previously Christy earned a B.S. in biology from Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University and a Ph.D. in human genetics and molecular biology from Johns Hopkins University. Before becoming a therapist, she was a researcher, an educator, and a mentor for ~30 years. In her spare time, she enjoys her multicultural family, traveling, cooking, and films.

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