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Meet the BHP Family


Shauna Hurd, BS, AA

Clinical Professional Counseling Trainee

Accepting Clients 08/28/2023

Welcome from Shauna Hurd, BS, AA

Shauna Hurd earned her Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology from Towson University. Before earning her B. S. degree, she received her Associate of Arts degree in General Studies with a concentration in Humanities from Baltimore City Community College. Shauna is currently pursuing a Master of Science degree in Applied Psychology with a concentration in
Counseling Psychology from the University of Baltimore. She has experience working as a Residential Leader and Therapeutic Crisis Intervention Specialist with emotionally disturbed youth.

Shauna became interested in mental health as a Residential Leader during her tenure in the crisis respite care unit. She enjoyed assisting the youth with their treatment intervention plan. Shauna's genuine concern for the residents inspired her to further her education in mental health. Her passion for becoming a therapist grew as she mentored the youth and assisted as a case manager.

Shauna is from South Carolina. She enjoys reading, writing poetry, and listening to live jazz
music in her free time.


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